The anteater is classified as a second-class protected species by the China government. The Singapore government has banned its imports.

Source  The scales of Manis pentaaactyAz L, (Fam. Mandae)

Producing Areas  Mainly in Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou

Properties  Salty, Slightly Cold

Channels  Liver, Stomach


  • Promotes blood circulation to remove blood stasis; disperses lumps, relieves carbuncle and drains pus, and opens channels

Treats blood-stasis syndrome with amenia, dysmenorrhea, abdominal mass, subcutaneous nodule, scrofula. The early stage of the carbuncle, unruptured abscess, chronic rheumatism with pain, spasm and stiffness of extremities.

  • Treats lactogenesis

Treats galactostasis; usually used with Semen Vaccariae.

Usage and Dosage

3-10 g is used in decoction for oral use; 1-1.5 g of powder is swallowed per consumption. When prepared with sand, it can be used to subdue pyogenic inflammation, expel wind and remove dampness. When prepared with vinegar, it is used to regulate menstruation and promote lactation.


Contraindicated for pregnant women and in cases of pyogenic inflammation and ulcer.

Characteristics of Herb

  1. Shape

The shape is like a flat sheet, or half-folded fan, or triangle, rhombus shield, with different sizes, 0.5-5 cm in length and width.


  1. Surface

The surface is dark brown or yellow brown on the back with gloss, with dozens of vertical lines and several horizontal lines on the wide end; smooth on the narrow end; 1 obvious horizontal arris line on the abdomen.

  1. Texture

The mass is like keratin and slightly transparent, tough and elastic, difficult to break.

  1. Nature and Flavour

The smell is fishy. The flavour is bland.

  1. Processed Anteater

The processed scales are yellow-toned and brittle, with fine lines and a distinct fragrance.

Description of Quality Herb

The good one is even in size, has a bright and clean surface which is dark brown or yellowish brown in colour and skinless meat.


Store in an airtight container at a dry and well-ventilated place. Protect from worms and moths. a provider of chinese herbs since 1933. Visit their site for more information

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